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Enter our custom wine cellar (by clicking on the picture to the right) to view the on-line Wine Cellar Catalog, full of ideas for your cellar.

Our catalog features an extensive gallery of photographs of finished cellars for you to browse and gain conceptual ideas about how you want your wine cellar to look when it is completed.

Castle Mark Cellars offers design services that go into great detail about your design, ranging from a 2D, 3D black and white diagram, to 3D color, 3D virtual, or 3D animation.

                                                                               Click on Picture to Enter Cellar and Browse our Catalog

The Residential section of the catalog shows specific details about our racking systems.  We offer extensive wood and stain types, all found on the inside pages of the Catalog.

Castle Mark Cellars offers several types of refrigeration units, including self-contained, ductless split, ducted systems and waterfall units.  A specific recommendation will be made for your cellar depending upon the size and location within your home or commercial establishment.

Lastly, there are a variety of custom doors, ladders, flooring, lighting and cellar art features that we offer that allows you to place the finishing touches on your cellar.

To schedule an appointment, or to discuss our products, contact Castle Mark Cellars at 480-893-8994.


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